Refractory Ceramic Fibers Coalition

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RCFC Member Companies

RCFC members are dedicated to researching the health and safety effects of RCFs, educating workers and customers of RCFC on proper handling procedures and disseminating the preliminary and final results of research studies.

Currently RCF sales represent about one percent of the total U. S. manmade vitreous fibers industry. Total production has been estimated at 80 million pounds per year.  There are about 800 workers involved in the manufacture of RCFs and about 31,500 people involved in the installation and handling of products which contain RCFs.

RCFC is an association of the leading U. S. producers of refractory ceramic fibers (RCFs) -- Thermal Ceramics (Augusta, GA) and Unifrax I LLC (Niagara Falls, NY), RCFC develops and promotes proper work practices and standards for the industry, conducts health research and disseminates information on the proper handling and use of RCFs.

For more information, contact RCFC or a member company:

Thermal Ceramics (http://www.thermalceramics.com)

Unifrax I LLC  (http://www.unifrax.com)

Associate members:

Nutec Fibratec (http://www.nutecfibratec.com)

ANH Refractories Company (http://www.anhrefractories.com)